Friday, 29 August 2014

Dilli Ka Dabang RJ Abhilash Explains 'How to become successful RJ' !

He is known to me as a brother, and when I saw an online article on AdviceAdda giving tips on 'How to become a successful Radio Jocky', I decided to share all his tips with my readers here. RJ Abhilash host morning show "Dilli ke Do Dabangg" With Manu on Fever 104 FM. The Show was priviously hosted by Suhas along with Manu. Since Abhilash started hosting the morning show, There are huge increasement in terms of popularity and listership. He is been a part of creative team of Fever 104 before going on air. Abhilash is very versetile personality, Along with Radio, he is been doing theater, films and hosting differ shows on ground.he has hosted Formula F1 in India, he has hosted all the IPL matches last season in Delhi, and now he is hosting World Kabaddi League as well. I don't think there is anything he can't do in the industry of entertainment. Adviceadda got a chance to interview this guy and their correspondent Priyanka Tiwari was the lucky girl to ask him question on the same.
Here are some question which he replied:- 

Priyanka : If a youngster is aspiring to become an RJ, at what point he/she should start putting serious efforts?
Abhilash : (Laughs) First of all you don’t have to be serious to become an RJ. People listen to radio since their childhood, so if they have an interest in becoming an RJ they should start preparing right after they complete their 12th. People should not waste their time doing engineering and then suddenly think of becoming an RJ. An RJ is a very well informed person, you should pursue Journalism or Mass communication in your graduation so that you have a good know how of what is going around in the world. Then you can evaluate yourself well before opting for a career in radio, because radio is not only about being an RJ, it has multiple other dimensions as well. 

Priyanka: What are the skills of an RJ and what is the role of a professional degree in such a career?
Abhilash: As I said earlier, a Mass Communication or Journalism graduate has an edge over other graduates. A student of mass comm. is well aware of a console, fader, editing, going live etc, all technical details related to radio, which a layman won’t know. They are well informed, they know current, affairs general knowledge etc, and they can indulge well in discussions. So if you ask an RJ who is the president of India and he replies ‘let me Google it’ then he/she is a lost cause. An RJ is a fun person but at the same time he should be very intelligent and informed. Now if we talk about skills, you should be able to talk, that’s a priority, and the person you are talking with should get completely comfortable talking to you. So interpersonal communication and being friendly are two major skills a person should have to become an RJ. 

To know more answer of RJ Abhilash, I would request you to go to Adviceadda here.

Monday, 20 August 2012

If Salman Were to Play the Role of Manoj Bajpai GOW!

Fever 104 FM given the picture under their FB the poster of Gangs of Wasseypur. They said that How would the movie - Gangs of Wasseypur be if Salman Khan was to play the role Manoj Bajpai played?

 Have a look and Voice your Vote...

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Khurafati Nitin with Actor Sahil Shrof at Deakin University

Interview of Sahil Shrof taken by Khurafati Nitin (RJ of Fever 104 FM after Radio Mirchi and Red FM). Sahil studied from Deakin University and they had chit-chat about the university studies program.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Fever 104 FM 104.0- It’ all about Music

Fever 104 FM is the youngest of all Radio stations in India and it is the most happening radio station too. Through out the day, this radio station plays the latest hits and is available in all major metro cities in India. Its signature program is a 40-minute non-stop music. It is a popular radio station owned by HT Media Ltd. It got launched in Delhi in 2006 and in Mumbai in 2007 and the latest in Kolkata in 2008. The catch line of this radio station is “It’s all about Music”.  This station is always bubbling with the vibrant, creative and latest music programs.

The listeners believe that this radio station is a hub of very good and quality music. Over the years since its launch, Fever 104 FM has become a leader in the radio industry and it is constantly getting strong by its creative and innovative program ideas. It telecasts some of the path breaking programs with the help of the renowned and lively RJs. Secret Sound is a contest to guess the sounds of the city. Tick Tock Bingo, I Love Fever offer huge cash prizes to the listeners who answer the questions correctly.

The first Air Audio Blog “Ki Bolchen Dada “is considered as an exemplary program of Fever 104 FM. Ramayan is another wonderful program of Fever 104 FM which was given two Golds at the  New York Festival ‘2011 and  Fever 104  FM is the only India Radio station to receive such praise. It is liked by the sports lovers also. Fever 104 FM presents every game in a very unique way which provides complete entertainment to the sports lovers. Within few years of its launch, this radio station has been ranked among some of the top FM radio stations in India. Fever 104 FM believes in the motto of “Less Talk- More Music”.